Growing up racing bikes takes a bunch of credit for the way I live today. To achieve the goals i’d set for myself, I needed to come up with a plan to get there. I’m a heavy dreamer, so I usually set the sights pretty deep. When you want something bad enough and feel like you’ve got a plan to reach the goals that you’ve set for yourself, belief is the only thing in your way.

Early goals were small BMX titles, then National titles, then World Titles, then Pro Titles, then Olympic Dreams, then the Freestyle transition, then riding bikes has just slowly turned into this thing I do for fun. That alone makes it the absolute best tool for me to connect with the world. Through bikes I have been fortunate to connect with bike minded people from all over the world. The stoke is real, and through that comes self belief.

Dropping in for a run at a BMX dirt contest, belief was everything. Often i’d backflip off of this ridiculously small launch ramp into the course to start my run. I was the racer, new on the dirt scene, but could ride the hell out of my bike. My bag of tricks wasn’t very deep, but with the right strategy, I knew I could throw my name in the hat as a competitor in a new game. You want eyes on you, do something unique, be different, be bold!

“Bold moves get remembered, normal just fades away.”

– Nate Berkheimer – Founder TCR

Looking back on it now, this transition was the perfect trial run for my future endeavors. Market position, differentiating, executing plans, strategy, problem solving, brand image. Having been involved with scenic arts as a kid and working as a freelance graphic designer through my riding career, the path to my future was showing it’s face.

Competing for a team is neat, but competing for your own achievements and wins is essential to build a foundation of self confidence. The “we can” vs ” I can” mindset. When you leave a ramp on a bike, belief is not an option, BELIEF IS THE ONLY WAY! Doubting yourself will leave you pulling the brakes. Try thinking about other things in life like that, it makes it more interesting. If you are challenged, you will try harder. If you try harder, results will show.

Set the goal, see yourself at the finish line, then figure out what the heck you have to do to get there. There is no step by step to life. If you don’t get creative and come up with a plan, you will just become part of somebody else’s plan and that’s no fun. The recipe for converting passion into purpose and making your lifestyle profitable isn’t a package for sale online. It’s within, you’ve just got to dig deep to find it. Take what you know, build what you want.

Creating value in ideas and helping clients believe in their business ventures is what truly bring the most satisfaction to my world. Normal is awfully boring these days. It’s almost 2020, time to set some visions free! This website is in the works, but i’m excited to have this platform to share my work and contributions.

Stay RAD my friends!