Welcome to The Creative Ride, a place where adrenaline flows freely and creative boundaries are limitless. Founded in 2015, the goal was to bring more human interaction to the creative process. We are a small team with big hearts and YOU, our community, is our team.

Having traveled the world for a decade as a pro BMX rider backed by some of the biggest brands in the sport, Nate brings a unique perspective to the table. From athlete to artist to father to entrepreneur, the ability to connect with both people and projects comes naturally.

Our passion to create allows collaborations of all types and we take great pride in harnessing the ability to bring fresh ideas to life. Sometimes it’s custom graphics and apparel. Sometimes it’s a product. Sometimes it’s a start up. We create cool stuff for cool people.

TCR offers brand focused graphic services, delivering products and experiences that you and your customers can be stoked on. Helping our clients develop brands and products with a purpose for a defined market keeps our journey worth traveling on.

Bridging the gaps between new school and old school to deliver graphics and messages in an authentic way is our jam. Consider TCR your own in-house art department, where everything we make is custom.

Let’s Ride!


Custom stickers & decals, iron on logos, vehicle graphics, sticker sheets, product labels, graphic kits


Identity development, rebranding, marketing collateral, company apparel, special events


Graphic design, environment & booth design, photo editing and manipulation, vector art, landscape creations


Riding jerseys & team wear, graphic printed hats, staff apparel, graphic apparel, promotional products


Brand signage, banners, trade show signs, yard signs, amenity and directional signs, dimensional signs


Outdoor displays, custom canopies, hanging banners, sky flags, pop up banners, custom trade show booths

Life’s too short to be bored.   -TCR

Live Fearlessly

Action Sports Athlete | Punk Rock Musician | Graphic Arts Professional | Rad Dad 

Nate Berkheimer

Nate Berkheimer

Designer | Rider | Creator

Hello, i’m Nate. I grew up in Las Vegas riding bikes and spending many years in my father’s shop; building things, painting things, learning skills that most kids my age weren’t interested in. He builds production sets, scenic displays and props. His shop is a place where people bring ideas and watch them come to life. I was born into the creative industry and it’s raised me well.

I started racing bikes in 1988. I was only 6, but racing up and down the street jumping off curbs just didn’t cut it, I needed to compete. It led to a childhood filled with good times, family trips, and first hand exposure to the world. Taking photos was also a hobby of mine early in life. I enjoyed shooting film and then developing my own rolls and prints. Learning editing techniques right on the enlarger in the darkroom is what I credit to kicking off my interest in digital arts. I was hooked on perceiving real life images in my own unique way.

Riding BMX professionally took me all over the world with a camera in my bag. In 2003 I was shooting digital and learning to edit photos in Adobe7. It felt like my own darkroom with many more tools and mistakes corrected with only a keystroke. It was the beginning of my combined athlete/artist career. I used my race and contest schedules as an opportunity to see the world on my bike, while pulling design inspiration from so many different styles globally. Riding new spots and learning new things is what’s kept me stepping back on the pedals year after year. I ride several different bikes and disciplines and my creative drive is no different. I try not to let one passion define me: I race, I jump, I ride park, I ride mountains, I teach, I create, I design, I educate.

Over a decade later I still spend plenty of time on my bike but with different goals in mind. Mentoring the next generation of riders and offering creative services and branded products to an industry that I’m passionate about. I still push myself to ride at the highest possible level that i can, as it gives me an opportunity to be more in the mix of things with the faces of major brands as well as be a voice for the grassroots scene. My time spent working with well-respected brands in the industry as both a pro rider and designer has given me a perspective on business that’s hard to replicate.

I moved to the Pacific Northwest from Las Vegas in 2011 to start the next chapter of my life. Coming from the driest of climates, I was enamored by the tropical rain forests and beautiful landscapes. Riding in the trees seemed so much more enjoyable than riding in the desert. I was introduced to the woods on both BMX and mountain bikes and have since been fortunate to see some incredible things, there’s no turning back.

I relocated my family and business to Nanaimo, BC in April of 2018 and have found myself right at home. Surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes, inspirational friends and perfect riding conditions, Vancouver Island is the ideal environment to compliment my creative energy.

I enjoy starting my days with a strong black coffee and letting the creativity loose. Whether it’s bikes, business, or anything in between, I’m never satisfied with giving less than my full potential. My passions have taken me on some wild rides and through them I have built life long friendships, if there were a name for my personal journey through life, it would be The Creative Ride.

A creative mind, a bike, and a dream.

Creative Work

Our work spans several markets and mediums, but the client connections are built on passion for the brand and the drive to stand out from the crowd.