Riding Jerseys

There are plenty of cool looking riding jerseys out there, but why look like other teams or riders when you can have something designed specifically for you, your friends, your brand, or your team. I try my best to channel my clients ideas and deliver exactly what they have a vision for. When you hear people talking about your gear, what do you want to hear them say?

Through wearing dozens of riding jerseys in the past 3 decades I have really learned what I like and dont like when it comes to the overall fit, feel and performance of a jersey. My journey led me to a local shop that was able to create exactly what I wanted. I like a classic cap sleeve jersey look, but I wanted it to feel like I just put on a long sleeve from the athletic store. I am proud to say that I was able to make this happen locally.

I put my designs on jerseys that fit and move with your body. I dont ride in a straight line. I like to get sideways. I like to go upside down. I dont like to feel restricted and when wearing my new riding jerseys, I feel cool as ever.  If your current 45 degree design on a raglan cut isn't as pleasing as it once was, upgrade to something that you are proud to wear.

Imagine being able to ride in something that started as a doodle in your notebook. Send me your ideas, I will bring them to life.

Jerseys for a cause. Jerseys for the family. Jerseys for special events. Jerseys for prizes. Jerseys for teams. Jerseys to stand out. and jerseys to make people laugh. You want 1 jersey or 100 jerseys, it doesn't matter.

All jerseys are made locally and sized from youth XS to adult XXL.  If you look good then you feel good, and when you’re feeling good you know you’re riding good!