T.C.R. is shifting gears in 2018

There's no hiding that this website is dated, irrelevant and paints a blurry picture of my business. When I went solo with T.C.R. in 2015 I had intentions of designing as many things for as many people as possible. After a constant conveyor belt of projects coming through that were designed and never seen again, I wrote something in my book that changed my thoughts. "Design things you can sell more than once."

My entire life has been filled with creating things for a long as I can remember, I needed to find a way to mix my graphic skills with the rest of my life. I make lots of things for myself. I made a goal years back to create more than I consume and there's no turning back. I make products that allow me to be creative and control the design from the initial concept down to the final touches. 

Fast forward a few years and T.C.R. is a creative machine. It all started with BMX. I wanted to make my own stickers. I wanted to make my own parts. I wanted to make my own jerseys. I'm fortunate to be able to offer a full service creative department to brands that dont have them in house. With many of today's agencies being digitally focused, I take great pride in being a hands on creator with digital abilities. 

2018 is a special year for me for a few reasons. I'm going to make it priority to recreate this site into a reflection of my life and my business. I want to share more with the world and social media just isnt my desired platform. 

Cheers to kicking more ass and having more fun!

Let's Ride!