It's all about the kids

A while back, my friend Max over at Spawn Cycles sent me a picture of his 7 year old son Danny's school work, which he had drawn a little bike rider doing a backflip on. Danny's mind is in the same place mine was at his age, and mine often still is today. Bikes. Bikes. Bikes.

We were working on some ad concepts and although I had a library of newly shot high res images, I kept gravitating towards using this drawing somehow. It turned out awesome, got some great ratings on, and is something that Danny is proud to show his friends and teachers. We've got some more ads in the works, but this one will always be my favorite.

I have worked on some fun projects over the years, but as a father myself, focusing on the next generation of riders is the most rewarding to me. If you like a dialed bike and want one for your kids as well, check out the line of Rad Little Bikes from Spawn.